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Its no secret that in today’s world of global competition, exceptional IT service and support lays the foundation for organizational success.  With over 70 ITIL trainingyears of combined experience in technology service and support, no one understands this better than the senior consultants at Optimal Connections.

The consultants at Optimal Connections have been helping business and organizations improve in all areas of IT service delivery – in the way they manage people, in helping organizations improve the level of process maturity, and assisting service providers with the effective use of technology.  Are you in need of targeted training to boost the effectiveness of your analysts, team leads or managers? Then check out our HDI and specialized skills-based training. Has you organization made the strategic decision to adopt ITIL as your IT service management framework?  Then check out our ITIL Foundation and ITIL Intermediate level training to bring your staff up to speed.

Like many orgnizaions today, you may be looking at implementing DevOps as the methodology to realize close collaboration beween development and IT operations.  If so, please review and enroll in our DevOps Fundamentals trainingPerhaps you need a Help Desk or Support Center Assessment to get a professional assessment of your  service desk and IT operations, to identify opportunities and launch plans for solid improvement. Optimal Connections is also certified by HDI to conduct HDI Support Center Certification audits, and in achieinv compliance against the HDI Standard, your support center can earn a badge of distinction in the industry!

Whatever your goals, we’ll help your IT organization and support center get to where you need to it be – so you can wow customers, exceed expectations, and build that all important customer loyalty!

Expert ITIL Certification Training

ITIL Training and Certification
IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the de-facto global standard in terms of best-practices for IT organizations.  Interested in getting your executives briefed, ITIL Awareness training, or a solid grounding in ITIL Foundations?  Our instructors are ITIL V3 Expert certified, with years of hands-on experience in IT service and support.

Classes are delivered onsite, or virtually over the internet by our ITIL Expert instructor, Paul M. Dooley.  You may choose from ITIL Awareness Training, ITIL Foundation Training, or two categories of ITIL Intermediate level training: ITIL Lifecycle Courses, or ITIL Intermediate Level Capability Courses.  >> To learn more, visit ITIL Training and Certification.

DevOps Training and Certification

DevOps Fundamentals Certification Training
DevOps is the future of IT today! Based on the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Competency Framework, this 3-day course provides an introduction to DevOps – the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and, of course, automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. To maximize the IT value flow to customers, DevOps creates an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster for the benefit of the business. Higher customer satisfaction, better quality, faster delivery and lower costs are all benefits of DevOps. >> To learn more, visit DevOps Training

HDI Support Center Analyst, Team Lead and Manager Training

HDI Certification Training
Boost the communications, problem solving and customer care skills of your Service help desk trainingDesk Analysts, Team Leads and Managers with HDI Certification Training. Tier 1, 2, lead and manager training available! As Certified Instructors of HDI, we provide you with official HDI courses that will prepare your staff to deliver the best in service & support.  Classes offered include in-depth skills based training for customer care reps, support center analysts, team leaders, and support center/service desk managers.  Courses listed below.

Classes include Customer Service Representative (CSR), Support Center Analyst (SCA), Support Center Team Lead (SCTL), Support Center Manager (SCM), and Technical Support Professional (TSP) Certification.  >> To learn more, visit our HDI Certification Training page.

Skills-Building Workshops for Teams

Targeted Half-day Help Desk Skills-Building Workshopssmile_connect
Don’t have enough time to send your help desk or IT support staff to one or two days of training?  Looking for skills-building courses focused on specific, targeted areas you need help with?  We have just what you are looking for!  Targeted 1/2 day training workshops include Effective Communications, Building Effective Teams, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Stress Management. >> For more information visit our page on Skills Building Workshops.

Online Self-Paced Training Portal

Check Out Our Portal of Online Self-paced Training
Your destination for easy, cost-effective, quality online learning for IT best-practices.  Our offerings at the IT IT Resilia TrainingLearning Connection complement our live instructor led training, and include ITIL Awareness, ITIL Foundation and other courses. Online courses are ideal for busy IT managers as well as operational IT staff.

Courses are delivered on a 7 x 24 hour basis, on-line, on-demand, right to your desk – eliminating travel costs, and enabling you to learn at you own convenient pace. >> To learn more, visit our Online IT Training page.

ITSM Consulting, Best Practice Assessments, and Audits

Support Center/Help Desk Assessment
Wondering where the opportunities are for improvement? Not sure where you should start? Why not schedule start with a professional 3rd party assessment of your IT Service Desk or Customer Support Center?  Our Support Center Assessment is a cost-effective way to identify opportunities

IT assessments and auditsfor improvement, pinpoint areas of strength, and get a roadmap for the future. We provide specific recommendations for improvement, so you can get right to work addressing those areas that need attention most – boosting performance, lowering operational costs, and raising employee and customer satisfaction! >> Learn about Support Center Assessments.

HDI Support Center Certification
What makes your support center stand out from the competition? What makes your servie desk or support center any different from the rest? Although you may be successful in attracting customers, engaging them, and selling products or services, you won’t be successful in the long run unless you deliver quality customer service that sets you apart. HDI  Support Center Certification benchmarks your support center against HDI world-class standards, allowing you to differentiate your center from competitors and demonstrate to customers your commitment to excellence! >> Learn about getting HDI Support Center Certified.

IT, Help Desk and Support Center Consulting
Are there opportunities to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and service quality in your help desk or  support center, while reducing costs and increasing revenue? Our help desk and support center consulting solutions will help you optimize your IT and support center performance. Whether it’s a specific functional area you’d like us to examine, or a process area that you feel is under-performing, we have the expertise and experience to advise you need. Engage us and watch us exceed your expectations! >> Learn about our IT and Support Center Consulting services.

Why Choose Optimal Connections?

We are a small but very formidable team of IT industry experts, with considerable experience in consulting and implementation concerning IT Service Management (service strategy, service design, transition, and operations);  IT support center analyst and management skills development; and IT service management best practices.   Not only do we  have the credentials and experience you can count on – we are committed to excellence and to your complete satisfaction!  Optimal Connections is very active in leading industry organizations such as…

  • AXELOS – Optimal Connections is an AXELOS Affiliate.  AXELOS is the owner manager of the ITIL framework, and global set of best practices for IT. Paul has itil_licensed_affiliate_vsmwritten articles and white papers for AXELOS. Learn more at the AXELOS web site.
  • PeopleCert – Optimal Connections is also an Affiliate of PeopleCert, the official testing agency for AXELOS that processes and manages certification exams for ITSM and the ITIL framework. Learn more at PeopleCert’s web site.
  • DASA Training Partner – Paul M. Dooley, Optimal’s principal consultant, is a certifiedDASA Training Partner DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Training Partner since 2015. Learn more at the DASA web site.
  • IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) is a global organization of IT professionals that promote best-practices in IT Service itsmf_logoManagement.  To learn more, visit the ITSMF USA web site.
  • HDI (also known as the Help Desk Institute).  Paul is an HDI Auditor, hdi_logo_newFaculty member, contributor to HDI Standards. Paul teaches nearly all the HDI courses, and more information about him can be found on HDI’s web site.

IT Service Management, Help Desk and Support Center Services

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